Meet Your Committee

Martin Sealy


The boss

  • Toastmaster since [TBC].
  • Why did you join? – [TBC].
  • Biggest Learning – [TBC].

Megan Butler

Vice President – Education

Assigns club meeting roles and speeches

  • Toastmaster since [TBC].
  • Why did you join? – [TBC].
  • Biggest Learning – [TBC].

Alfredo Iorio

Vice President – Education (External)

Allocates General Evaluators both for our club, and our members to other clubs

  • Toastmaster since April 2016.
  • Why did you join? – To improve my spoken English and acquire confidence when communicating.
  • Biggest Learning – Effective communication as a skill set you can learn and improve by practicing.

James McGowan

Vice President – Membership

Helps guests and supports our members

  • Toastmaster since [TBC].
  • Why did you join? – To brush up on my public speaking skills, and improve my confidence when presenting to groups of people.
  • Biggest Learning – That public speaking’s really quite enjoyable, once you get past the initial nervousness!



Takes care of the money

  • Toastmaster since 2013.
  • Why did you join? – Had a group of friends joining, like the idea of what it had to offer, and joined.
  • Biggest Learning – Besides my speaking improving immensely there are a couple of experiences and learnings.
    i. People are always better at speaking than they think
    ii. There are a couple of people that come to mind, who I have seen grow over the years, with great confidence, growing from fear and procrastination to delivering ground moving speeches.


Vice President Mentoring

Helps new members find a mentor

  • Toastmaster since 2014.
  • Why did you join? – Initially I came to TM meeting out of curiosity, to see how being a member of a public speaking club could help me to overcome nervousness when meeting new people. I felt intimidated at first and hesitated for a long time. I probably became the longest hesitating guest that joined LPS. I joined when I recognized that I was receiving enough help, motivation and support to allow me to work on the areas that needed improvement.
  • Biggest Learning – The main thing, which I learnt from being a toastmaster is that you learn even when you are thinking that you are not doing very well – practise is what helps you grow.


Vice President – Public Relations

Promoting the club


IT Support

Manages website and IT Support

  • Toastmaster since January 2015.
  • Why did you join? – To improve my public speaking and help sell my own business.
  • Biggest Learning – By actually doing I am much better than I thought I was, and I am learning new skills every meeting, while having fun. It is also inspiring to hear everyone speak and learn new perspectives from every new member.